BUG IN THE CODE ::: script ::: etc.

installation, performance, digital and print publication

production and diffusion : Membrane

this work is produced in partnership with IEES-Paris (Institut d'Ecologie et des Sciences de l'Environnement de Paris), team Diversité des ingénieurs et interactions microbiennes, with help from Désert Numérique and Vision'R. We thank particularly Christian Bordereau, Alain Robert,
David Sillam-Dusses and Olivier Delattre.

« Ignorance of the law is no excuse. »

Could one inhabit the law / could one be inhabited by the law ?

As an introduction to a research about law, Bug in the code is an ongoing experimentation aimed at having various species of termites learn by heart the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This work, which is complicated par transmission problems and the lack of good will by the termites may however be presented as a techno-chamanism interference ritual, close to the experiment in laboratory, to legal practices and to sound poetry.

THE INSTALLATION is composed of a vivarium hosting a colony of termites plus a printed version of the text of law, and of a sound and visual recording device.
An in situ variant my consist in intervening directly on a local termites' nest.


Iterative and retroactive sur-interpretation protocols allow us to shape the context which is shared by humans and non-humans. In order to do so, we use audiovisual recording and broadcasting techniques, digital signal processing and analysis tool to feed possession and invocation process.

THE PUBLICATION freezes a final step in this process allowing viral dissemination of the digital and printed material.

key-words : art, law, rights, text, animal, termites, ethology, Eugene Marais, Maurice Maeterlinck, Universal Declaration for Human Rights, lex naturalis, political body, Léviathan, Thomas Hobbes, Bruno Latour, humanism, social organization, headbanging, morse, code, program, OCR, text generator, legistics, dada poetry, bug, parasite, failure, exception, glitch, environment, legal context, habitation, habit, repétition, territory, retroaction, Luc de Heusch, ritual, magic, transfert, paper, support, digestion, absorption, defecation, Robert Boyle, laboratory, experiment, performance, vivarium, chance, random fonction, logic, analogic

Bug in the code / trailer from 
le Collectif Fossile on Vimeo.