series of black and white digital photographs

in partnership with Courteline association


This residence was composed of public meetings and of a workshop about the print topic with children of leisure centre . This workshop led to the creation of an exhibition of photographs and a short-movie.  

Photographs "Le Doigt dans l'Oeil"  are a comical parody of biometric photos ID. The relationship between the photographer and the subject is informed by the square framework and by the finger located on the first plan and superimposed to the eye. "Se mettre le doigt dans l'oeil ?" (= to go astray)  "Obéir au doigt et à l'oeil ?" (= to toe the line). Since development of scientific methods on biometrics by Bertillon at the end of  the 19th century, State registers galleries of photographies of identifiable individuals. The definition of such an identifiable group is progressively developing through the 20th century, altogether with the means of identification. Today the target is the crossing of several unchanging bodymarks which could be unobtrusively, quickly and reliably taken from the people. Filing is not anymore only a State business, but also a private sector business. Broadly spread methods of identification use fingerprints, iris or retina image, facial general shape, bloodstream of a hand, voice and step of an individual, etc. They are more or less reliable, more or less accepted by users and more or less easy to implement. Correlated technologies represent an increasing market for the ten years to come.

Sohëla / Ronan


Samuel / Marina 


Tara / Elie


Steve / Elise


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