Installation and performance by Collectif Fossile

Reading a poem.

The progression of our eyes following the lines of the text seems to be ploughing furrows on the page.

If the meaning of a text only completes itself through reading, then the quality of the movement of the eye - half-voluntary,  half-reflex - its speed and regularity must be key factors of comprehension.

Is it possible to recreate the text from the look's choreography ?

What if the furrows drawn by our look on the page of the poem could leave a temporary track in the space of the European Centre of Poetry of Avignon ?

We propose the visitors to read a series of nine poetic passages on the theme of look.

For each text, the routes of every reader are recorded.

The field of the page is thus ploughed and projected in the volume of a room so as to compose the scenography and the score of a dancing performance.

For the first time ever, collective Fossile is transplanting its work on interactive digital arts in the field of live performance. At the crossroads of their respective experience in acting (puppets, butoh dance, clown), stage directing, sound designing and live music, Patrice Colet, Lili Mamath and Samuel Racine are proposing in "Sillons du regard" a participative installation combined with a funny, grotesque yet touching performance. The text, animated by real-time interactive processes, becomes successively a partner, an accessory or a decor in order to tell the intimate story of reading, its mirroring games, the permeation of body and language.

The installation :

As in some other installations by the collective, the scenography is based on a dual structure : a zone of free wandering and a zone of individual interaction. 

Through a hole in a black box, the visitor is able to read a series of nine quotations about the topics of eye, look and reading. The route of the visitor's eye on each specific text is recorded and printed as a moving lightspot which lightens the text . The furrows left by different readers on each text are also projected on the walls of the room. These collections of projected animated lines reveal for each text the wandering which changes according to each reader's experience.

The installation is presented altenatively in two modes :

The performance :

The visitors have recorded a series of reading routes for each of the nine texts presented in the installation. The performance recycles this visual and textual material in a series of nine scenes. An image and a choreographic movement, as a symbolic representation of the relationship between the reader and the text are associated with each text. The succession order of the presentation is chosen by the audience before the beginning of the performance. The two performers alternate body interpretation and live audiovisualaccompaniment, creating each evening a new experience for themselves and the audience.différente.

Sillons du Regard - Trailer from le Collectif Fossile on Vimeo.

Sillons du Regard - excerpt from le Collectif Fossile on Vimeo.