performance, butoh dance, projection, sound

production : le collectif Fossile, association Membrane
performance exhibited at Vision'R festival 2012

Collectif Fossile suggests exploring the intimacy of the folds of a human body
to the viewers, drawing its inspiration from striptease dramaturgy, ie a progressive, iterative thinning-out of layers, in which each clothe is at the same time a veil hiding the body and also a medium for image projection.

The costume of the performer is composed of a mille-feuilles of white stripes and clothes standing out in contrast with a black fabric in backstage. We chose to work on black and white contrast, so that the outline of the white-dressed dancer and the clothes she removes offer a hold to the projection of images, as the black in backstage absorb the parts of the images which are not reflected by the white fabrics.


Work on image offers a route on the epiderm through macrophotography, a kind of body fragmentation reminding of mediaval practice of "blason" and "contreblason", from erotic  praise to satire. The body is so close that recognizing this or this part is impossible, giving way to the skin texture only. When the last veil is removed, ths skin itself becomes a screen to show what it was hiding, that is to say the flesh, the tissues, the inner body.

In parallel with the image, the sound of the dancing body is amplified according to the same focalisation on intimacy. The ebb and flow of breathing are treated and sampled in live, and mixed with the sounds of clothes and some fragments of whispering voice, composing an organic soundtrack, drawing inspiration from noise music.

We chose to base the choregraphy on butoh dance, since we have been practicing this danse for few years, by the sides of Masaki Iwana, Yumiko Yoshioka, Maria Teresa Vaos Solano, Gyohei Zaitsu, Yumi Fujitani and Atsushi Takenouchi. Butoh dance is an underground movement born during the 60's in the Japanese brothels, half-way between performance and theatre, showing drives of erotism and subconscious through naked bodies and corporality of flesh. Butoh dance draws its influences from various places in Eastern and Western parts of the world, among which Georges Bataille's works, Nijinski's ballets, Noh and Ky˘gen.