video interactive installation

production: Courteline association, MACT, and Tours municipality

The installation is composed of hundreds of video portraits which are projected through a window of the MACT overlooking a crowded square in the towncentre of Tours, France.  

During three weeks before the opening of the installation, collective Fossile organizes portraits sessions in an empty frame made in order to fit the window dimensions. This frame is installed in a portable studio that we use to go and meet the inhabitants of the district. We propose them to appear and disappear in this abstract window. Throug acting, they create an outer space, an event, a feeling drawn from their imagination.

The portraits we obtain are then projected in pairs in trompe-l'oeil style in the windowpanes. The projections are activated by infra-red captors  triggered by the passage of people on the sidewalk under the window. The movement of people passing by the square generates random couples and brief silent exchanges. This  infinite combination makes two imaginaries and two attitudes confronting in parallel or opposite movements.